Linksquib: Marginalia, Markov Chains, and the ‘Rein’ of Taeyeon in the Kpop Kingdom

Found a web comic generator called Calvin and Markov that creates remixes of Calvin & Hobbes comics based on something called Markov chains, a concept based on work of Russian mathematician Andrey Markov.

Have had several encounters lately with a recency illusion in real life.. in my particular case, out of the blue I decided to look up why page margins are a thing, because wouldn’t all that space just be wasted? Why not just print to the edge? I guessed maybe that older books might suffer a lot of wear and tear from being transported or stored in less-ideal locations, but actually, it was for purposes of creating marginalia, or notes that a book-maker would use to scribble in notes about the book. Think of them like the DVD commentary track for a movie, except in the margins of a book. The very next day, I was listening to a new episode (s08e01) of Museum of Curiosity, with Holly Walsh as a panelist, who mentioned a fondness for marginalia, and then not but perhaps 2 days later I was watching an episode of QI (M12 “Medieval & Macabre’) that mentioned it.

I am super excited about the upcoming release of Taeyeon’s new music video, Rain, on Feb 3 (Teasers 1, 2).

I’ve been an SNSD fan for a while now, and Hoot was the first MV I got to see on the release day. SNSD holds a special place in my heart because their debut song Into The New World because about that time I’d learned of a nerve disorder I have and was entering my own ‘new world’ at the time. Taeyeon is SNSD’s “kid leader” and has become my ultimate bias over the years, and I am quite excited to help admin the gigantic Facebook group TaeYeon 태연 International Fan Club currently boasting 26,000 members <3

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