Origins of the “Can I Get A” DBZ Scream

TLDR at the bottom =)

I first encountered a curious audio segment where a smurf-like voice seemed to have a Dragonball Z -sounding warmup scream, on an instagram reels video about car parts, which just had it in the background. Clicking on the audio option, I came to the Instagram Reels audio posted by krypto_civicfk7, which has all of the uses of that audio below it.

The comments in the video I found it on were not very helpful, and took me down the path of just leads which isolated the music in the background and not the scream audio. If you’re only interested in the music part, it comes from the video game Doom Eternal, specifically the track by Australian artist Mick Gordon called, The Only Thing They Fear Is You. There is an enhanced version here with 21M views so far, which is actually a fun detour that has tons of funny comments about how people feel when listening to it.

Other comments suggested searching for “Oh yeah but doom” and while those did have the scream sampled in it like the krypto_civicfk7 version and a longer song version by YouTuber ChadMan around August 3, 2022.

Other comments suggested, “can I get a” followed by various spellings of hoyah/hooyah. Most of those appear to me a past call-and-response of a feminine moan noise, as possibly a meme type utterance. Searching “Can I get a hoy ya” has a lot of variations on that feminine wail, including a kind of Marco-Polo style call and response from strangers in public places, but that wasn’t quite it.

However, one of those results under hoy ya, came up as a YouTube Short called “Longest Hoyah Ever” by YouTuber and Twitch Streamer Tubby, which is the first one I found with not only no backer music, but also an additional breath beyond the one faded out in the music-mixed versions. However, the additional breath has laughter of the people listening to it, so I had a good lead now, but needed to find the original to that, which didn’t have the laughter.

After some more results sifting, I found this YT SHort version which has either a close approximation or a snippet of an actual Goku English voice actor Sean Schemmel — which isn’t pitched up, from July 31, 2022. This to me suggests that there could be a non-pitched-up version, for which the pitched-up version is itself an edit. That YT short claims the original video is on Instagram here and dated July 20th, but also has the Doom music mixed in. I wondered if maybe the Goku-sounding edit might be a pitched-down version somehow, but the Doom music isn’t pitched down seemingly.

I asked Tubby where he got the audio, and he said he was the original of it; I countered that his has laughter over the top of the last breath so that surely there must be another recording of it which had been played, and linked the possible lower-pitched version. Tubby said he recorded the audio from his Short, while on Twitch stream with BonsaiBroz, which is an acct by twin brothers who play games together.

Tubby also suggested potential for the origins coming from tiktoker named @jar_oh_me, and I did find this post which has the lower pitched voice, but still with music mixed in. He explains in a later tiktok, that he actually heard the BonsaiBroz version first, and then made his own normal-pitched version of himself yelling and that he mixed the music in, so turns out the the lower version and the higher version are different recordings and not just edits of pitch, but also believes it is a variation on the feminine hoo-yah wail.

I clicked into the original BonsaiBroz post which jar_oh_me had replied to, to find a pretty clear high pitched version, and explaining in another post that it is his own voice screamed into a microphone with something called a Go XLR, by TC-Helicon (costs a little under $600 as of this writing via Amazon).

It’s possible that the Tubby version above, since he was playing with the BonsaiBroz at the time of the original Twitch stream (to be linked later when I find it), was actually the twin screaming live and not a recording, so that the laughter over the final breath is indeed the original, since most of the screams with music also clip off the 5th breath where the laughter happens.. unless there is another BonsaiBroz stream where that is screamed also done =)


TLDR: it’s from this, until I can find the original twitch stream/VOD which Tubby made that YT short from. It was screamed by Twitch streamer BonsaiBroz into a GoXLR device. The metal music is a separate thing, by Australian artist Mick Gordon, on a track called The Only Thing They Fear Is You for the Doom Eternal video game soundtrack.

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