The Best (Only?) Way #TheValleyFolk Can Recover After Firing Lee Newton

The comedy foursome called The Valleyfolk recently announced that they ended the employment of one of their members, and has ravaged the community they had delicately built up. I have loads of unanswered questions, perhaps mostly —
how did that day of the firing go down, blow-by-blow?

(image: @clownburst on instagram)

I personally do not think TVF can recover from it, as a threesome, regardless of my personal level of forgiveness about the PR nightmare it became. However, I can foresee a way for all four to recover:

1. The week following the original announcement where Lee was fired and released her own tearful video announcing it separately, have the remaining three now fire Elliot. Bear with me.

2. Have Elliot release his own video announcing the termination. Have Joe and Steve very royally botch their own announcement of that second firing.

3. The week following the second announcement, fire Steve.

4. Have Steve release his own video announcement, and have Joe royally botch yet another announcement about the firing.

5. The week following the third announcement, have Ryan (their editor) announce that Joe was fired.

6. Have Joe make his own video announcement, and have Ryan make his own video and do it right, to many cheers and jubilation.

7. Have an announcement that Ryan is now TheValleyFolk boss, and hire all 4 back, and during the hiring have Lee slip Ryan a few large bills, while wearing a big scowl at how they should have all learned their lesson.

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