In October of 2019, I created a little doodleblog/comic called CLOWNBURST, mainly centered on Instagram @clownburst, for a trendy thing called #Inktober where people draw something in ink for each day of October. I’d tried to complete previous Inktobers but could never follow thru with them to completion, but this one I managed to do, as a challenge to myself to not-use my shakey hands Essential Tremor condition as an excuse to give up. I had long wanted to have a web comic and blog both (with varying degrees of success on each) but decided instead to combine both of those and make it a doodle blog.

Each post in that first month was drawn in ink (Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Extra Fine, #notasponsor), and the taken a pic of with an iPod Touch and posted to IG. On November 1st of 2019 I decided to keep it going beyond that original Inktober, and integrate it as a feature of my current active blog here on Divvyry, as I had run out of steam with it as far as daily gimmicky posts and needed a new gimmick to #keepalive it =)