State of the Dead Sea Blogs Address: Jan 2016

You may notice the site become gradually populated with articles dated for much later than you’re familiar with seeing — or, perhaps you may be unfamiliar with this one and notice that several sites from the ablestmage press appear to be lifted from there and pasted here. I am, however, the person that runs the ablestmage press myself, and I’ve decided to start migrating several of my most popular posts from there to here.

In the early 2000s, possibly around 2001-2004 thereabouts, I had a linkpost blog called the “Dead Sea Blogs” that I posted weird/silly/interesting links to, and I’ve grown to miss those days so I decided to revive it. My previous project at the ablestmage press *(t-a-p) above has started to get bizarrely popular, but I have no way to monetize it since it is hosted by wordpress and they don’t allow ads/etc. If I do manage to add ads one day, they will be preferably quite minimalist if I can help it. T-a-p is starting to bring in hits on a magnitude of 5000-9000 per week, and I thought maybe if I duplicated a few of the best hit-grabbers here I could eventually migrate.

I’m not convinced that it is the ‘brand’ of ablestmage that has become reliable, but moreso the pagerank or search results, since a vast majority of hits all come from search results and people linking articles directly, rather than repeat readership. I realize that I began t-a-p in 2007 and have nearly 10 years of content that contributes to that aspect, so I figure I had better get started now, so that perhaps in 2026 I might be able to draw a slim dollar or two from writing, perhaps even as a living =)

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