A Solution for TWICE’s Mina and JYP to consider?

My current favorite K-pop group is TWICE, and I believe they are the next SNSD. One of their 9 members named Mina has been sitting out for much of the group activities like a lengthy tour overseas, due to an issue with anxiety and was initially reported to have stage fright.

I would like to ask for Mina or JYP to consider at least modifying her contract, instead of breaking up to instead consider making her a kind of “video-only” member if necessary, where she might only appear in things like a music video, or a commercial video, or in things like candid instagram/etc things, without doing any stage performances, that can be recorded in the comforts of close contact with friends and sensitive studio personnel, without the big stage.

I have a tremor condition called Essential Tremor, that makes me feel like I am constantly nervous, and in my 20s+ I seriously believed I was just nervous all the time and was trembly even moreso during “performance” kinds of situations, but once I realized that it was a nerve issue, I was able to become more bold about it and work past the idea of being frightened of the feeling that everyone was watching me too closely. I’m not saying Mina has this (but as a possibility that what someone believes at first, could change over time with better evidence), and I have to do things a little differently than most people, but I try at least to still make it work — and I think by just changing the nature of the obligations she’s expected to meet, she can still remain a member in the eyes of fans.

I think fans would very gladly welcome this and be understanding about the change, until Mina believes she is able to perform again on a stage, if ever, with no pressure to be required to do those kinds of performances anymore.

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