Masterlist of Username/Gamertag Ideas & Concepts

One of the hardest things to do for any new account, for me, is to come up with a username. I’ll spend a hour or more trying to come up with a gamertag or username that I’m satisfied with before I even begin the game, or agonize over what my sign-in name will be. So, I decided to make a handy list of ideas and concepts to get that process underway faster.


A prefix username/gamertag has some kind of word before the main username, like the Mr in Mr Smith. This is not an exhaustive list or official abbreviations necessarily; just a list of ideas =)

  • Military Rank Prefixes & Abbr: Admiral, Admrl, ViceAdmiral, VcAdmrl, RearAdmiral, Commodore, Commander, Cmmdr, Cmdr, Cmndr, Captain, Cpn, Cptn, Capn, LtCmdr, Lieut, Lieutenant, SubLt, Ensign, Ensn, FieldMarshal, FldMrshl, General, Gen, Genrl, LtGenrl, LtGen, MajorGeneral, MjGen, Brigadier, BrigGen, Major, Maj, Majr, 1stLt, 2ndLt, Officer, Offcr, Ofcr, Chief, Chf, AirMarshal, AirMrshl, GroupCaptain, GrpCapn, SquadronLeader, SqdrnLdr, FlightLt, FlyingOffcr, PilotOffcr, FlightCadet, FltCdt, WarrantOffcr, PettyOffcr, Seaman, Sergeant, Sgt, MasterSgt, Corporal, Cpl, Crpl, Airman, Specialist, Spclst, Spcst, GunnerySgt, GunSgt, LanceCpl, LncCrpl..

    Examples: CaptainGrumpy, AirmanOops, 1stLtSnarky, OffcrFluffy, MajGenBeast, AdmrlBigboi, GeneralSarcasm, or any of the above plus your surname..

    Civilian Title Prefixes & Abbr: Missus, Mrs, Miss, Misses, Ms, Miz, Mz, Madam, Mlady, Mister, Mstr, Mistr, Mr, Sir, HerGuy, HisGirl, HerGirl, HisGuy, Doctor, Dr, Professor, Prof, Prfssr, Nurse, Pastor, Minister, Priest, Pope, Saint, St, Mc..

    Examples: ProfessorGaryOak, MsLadylike, PastorSnipes, DrMayhem, PopeStDeath, HisGirlJanice, MsDevlish, MissAngelic, SirPain, Mistermagic, HerGuyJerry, ProfPennywise, McMortuary..

    Grammatical Prefixes: Some games have a “feed” in the bottom corner that say that “username1 killed username2” in multiplayer battles, and you could attempt to make that feed appear as if it were grammatically structured, such as “[aBabyPuppy] killed [yourhopesanddreanms]” .. Your, a little, a baby, a biggo, a huge, a giant, a medium, a cute, a hot, one hot, one sweet, one epic, someones, a lost, my, some, a hopeless, a hopeful, an innocent, one strange..

    Examples: OneHotMama, 1BigBear, aCuteGirl, aBiggoMonster, YourDignity, aBabyGiraffe,

    Clantags: Even if you don’t have a clan-tag, which identifies you a part of a large group, you could just invent one to pretend to be in one. For example, there is a clan called XGN, many of whose members have gamertags in the form of “XGN Username” as their actual username. You may see “ITz Username” or “MLG Username” also.

    Suffixes: Append something to the end, perhaps.. UsernameWINS, -isBest, -Swagger, -JR, -4ever, -girl, -guy, -boi, -lady, -TV,

    Common Phrases/Lyrics: Consider using a common phrase that you say, or a funny phrase you’ve heard, or lyrics that reference a particular song you like.. RememberMe, NoDiggity, HammerTime, Welcome2Goodburger,

    Location References: Consider sports mascots or local/state/national references, including postal abbreviations of the state as options if some are already taken, such as IdahoPotatoes, CaliforniaBears, TexasLoneStar, TXLonestar, RememberTheAlamo, LasVegasChaChing..


    If It’s Already A Taken Name – If someone already has a name you wish to use, consider using any of the above to prefix/suffix that same name if you don’t wish to come up with another; or consider applying these other concepts.

  • Bookending

    If you already have a good idea for a username you like, but it’s taken by someone else, you can bookending the username into a new one, by adding letters/numbers on either side like a frame.

    For example, if you want “David” but it has already been taken, you can frame it with other letters, like XDavidX, or xXxDavidxXx, oZoDavidoZo. Experiment with bookending the name until you come up with a design you like. It doesn’t even need to have perfect symmetry; consider xy David xy, wtf david wtf, why david why, etc.

  • Letter/Number Swaps

    You can still use that name that’s taken, if you try swapping out letters, such as trading vowels for numbers that look similar like BE4R or B3AR for BEAR. A=4, B=8 or I3, E=3, G=6, I=1, O=0, R=I2, S=5, T=7, Z=2. C4L1F0RN1A B34R5, EL17ESQU4D, etc. Also try swapping similar vowels/consonant sounds for another similar, like MagyckMyke, or Muzical, Muzikal, or Muzikel, for Musical.

    Consider also the possibility of trading out vowels for a consonant, such as LzstWzrning; using an x as a spacebar character, such as ELxCABRA, MRSxSNIPES, x1xBigxBoix, MisterxMagic, etc.

  • Cheating the Swear Filter

    Some username systems have automatic curse-word filters that won’t let you enter username possibilities that contain certain words, but you can sneak around them by combining ordinary words to sound similar.. UPizzaChit, eatMEOWt, WrecktEm, RubberBean, SmasherBusch, PluggerWhole, JaggedOff, PoundyAenous, SkirtFireworks, KnobGobbler, xTorexEmxNew1x, GeezPot, CorkSoaker, LappinQueem, PourNo, PushyTickler, or swapping initials like SickDucker, CammerRunt, PickinyaDooper, FittyTeeler, TwipNister, CidemRowboy, etc.

    Using these can still get reported by another user who is stingy about the rules, so try these only with caution.

  • Honorable mentions I’ve seen:

    RedOctober1ping, ObamaTookMyLube, Obese Childhood, JarJarBinkyBoi, sendbigtoepics, DIDTHATHURTUCOW, UpYoursKyle, YKantIBSober, FuQ4Killinme, Butnoid, mmmmmmmmmmmkaay, Mr Kitty Hat,

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