Star Wars Versions of Song Titles / Star Wars Puns

Simply take any song you can think of with the following words in the title, and replace with a Star Wars word similar:

Baby / Boba, Obi
Moon / That’s No Moon
Dark / Darth
Woke, Walk(-ing), Talk-, Rock- / Ewok(ing), Tarkin, Porkins, (sky)Walk
Look / Luke
Lay A / Leia
F***ing / Falcon
Smoke / Snoke
Land (of) / Lando
You Back / Chewbacca
B***h / Sith
Hot / Hoth, Hutt
Enter / Endor
Tattoo, Taboo / Tatooine
Heart / Darth
Boss / Bossk
Fat / Fett
All / Maul
Gay, Ray, Hey, Lay, etc / Rey

Examples/Others —
Get Your Kicks on Order 66
Take that Luke off your face
I Wanna Hold Your Han
Darth Side of the Moon
Dark Side of the.. that’s no Moon
Blue.. that’s no Moon
Fly me to the.. that’s no Moon
That’s no Moon River
Ewokking on Sunshine
Ewok Around the Clock
Endor of the World As We Know It
Boba, It’s Cold Outside
Live and Jedi
Obi Wan More Time
Pretty Fly for a Jedi
Living La Vader Loca
Snoke on the Water
Ani Are you OK?
Kylo Silver Lining
Hit Me Up Before You Jar-Jar
Bespin Me Round (Like a record, Boba)
You’re The Obiwan That I want
Smack My Sith Up
Windu Beneath My (X-)wings
Endor Sandpeople
Hutt Lovin’
Do Wah Ditty, Ditty R Ditty 2
R2 Lonesome Tonight
These Boots Are Made For Porkins
Rock the Ackbar
Rock the Phasma
Anything by Darth Brooks
Anything by Cantina Turner
Wake Up Little Chewie
Fett Bottom Girls
Rock Me Amidala
Give Me Maul Your Lovin
Karma Kaminoan
Smooth Vader-vapor
Little Rey of Sunshine
Can you Feel the Force Tonight?
The Lion Siths Tonight
Maulroom Blitz
Janie’s Got a Gungan
Old Bendonald Had a Farm, E I 3 P O
Tarkin in the USSR
Anakin in the UK
R2D2 in the USA
Pink Bantha Theme
Luke Look Like a Lady
Never Give You Up Will I

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