List of “People With X Problem Are Actually Y” Articles

I have notice a trend that a lot of people with a given matter of personal identity, tend to share sciencey articles that suggest that science has somehow discovered that people with their particular problem are actually super cool in some way. This is a list of those articles I’ve come across.

Edit: To re-interate, this list includes articles whose headlines identify a target audience, who will undoubtedly be doing most of the sharing of the article. For instance if “fat people actually have a high IQ” then the obvious target audience that will share it are people who think they’re fat.

* Scientists Say That People With Anxiety Could Have ‘Superpowers’
* Science Says Forgetting Is a Sign of High Intelligence!
* Scientists Say That Being Forgetful Is Actually A Sign Of Higher Intelligence
* Science Says People Who Talk To Themselves Are Geniuses
* Generous people really do listen to their hearts, scientists find
* Be thankful: Science says gratitude is good for your health
* Your meanest friend just wants the best for you, scientists say
* Why Truly Confident People Are The Most Humble
* Scientists say people with these facial features may get paid more
* Scientists Say Smart People Are Better Off With Fewer Friends
* Funny people are also more intelligent, according to new research
* Hard to Believe, But Being Lazy Could Actually Be a Sign of Intelligence
* 7 Reasons Slow Reading Is Actually A Good Thing
* Why Being Miserable is Actually the Secret To Happiness
* Psychologists Explain Why You Should Be Friends With People Who Swear A Lot
* If You Have The Letter ‘M’ On Your Palm – There Is Something Truly Special About You
* Men With Big Bellies Make The Best Lovers, Study Finds
* Partners Who Really Love Each Other Tend To Get Fat. According To Recent Research
* People Who Point Out Grammar Mistakes Are JERKS, Science Says
* Couples Who Fight A Lot Are Actually More In Love, According to Psychiatrists
* New Research Says Intelligent People Are Messy, Stay Up Late, and Curse a Lot
..I’ll add more as I come across them =)

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