Songsmith Sunday DS-005: Double Dactyl Poem: Ronjamin’s Duel

I got such a crippling sonnet-writer’s block this week for Sonnet Sunday, that I decided to revamp it to “Songsmith Sunday,” offering me greater liberty to alter the type of poetry by the month, and I’ve declared March to be the Double-Dactyl month =)

Jonathy Ronjamin
picked out his gun.

After his paces, he
turns ’round and faces the
foe and saw none.

I had already written at least four of these in years past, but decided to write a completely new one off the cuff.

The name ‘Jonathy Ronjamin’ is a fictional name I came up this week just as a silly metered saying, and it didn’t occur to me that it perfectly fit the double dactyl style until I decided to write one today, and it perfectly fit.

I did hear the name ‘Ronjamin’ from an episode of this podcast series, but not sure which episode as I’ve been jumping around them erratically, being pretty new to it — and I made use of a list of double dactyl words from here, for the penultimate line =)

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