Sonnet Sunday DS-004: Jeremy’s Krill Quip

It is my goal this year to write at least one sonnet per week for all of this year, and possibly beyond. For rules and discussion of sonnet structure, pop over to this introduction.

I was struggling for a topic to write this week’s sonnet after drawing a blank all week, until I listened to this episode of The News Quiz, which is what I would consider a predecessor of our Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me but with fewer silly games.

One particular snickered-of line by favorite panelist Jeremy Hardy (wiki) had just the perfect meter, and which got the gears turning for me just in time.

“My crotch was full of krill,” said Jeremy,
The News Quiz panelist, just recently.

A cop-out sonnet topic fell on me,
When listening to it on BBC.

Although I stream online and never live,
It has become a favorite routine;

I live in Texas and would never strive,
To find the hour which I would convene.

But none-the-less I listen to it oft,
For most of my Brit news, albeit scoffed.

I’ve been listening to The News Quiz since Series 75 or so, back when Sandi Toksvig (wiki) was host — the series just prior the infamous Panto episode. It’s especially enjoyable to hear their ridicule of American news which occasionally pops up, but the BBC’s policy on hosting prior episodes is bizarre to me, in that there is a listening window open for about 30 days and then it disappears forever.

I listen to loads of other BBC Radio 4 shows like The Unbelievable Truth (for which I have an unofficial Facebook fan page), Rhod Gilbert Live (which I have been able to catch twice so far actually live), and I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue (for which there is a thriving Facebook group with lots of word-laughs on the off seasons between one series and the next), among others..

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