Sonnet Sunday DS-003: Blessed Be Forescheduling

For rules and discussion of sonnet formats, pop over to this introduction.

This week’s sonnet is a bit clunky, I must admit. When I wrote it I was a bit flustered with myself for writing it with a different rhyming scheme (AA, BB..) and then having to rework it -_-

The thing I like the most about today’s
new web design formats are all of those,

which let me make a post and set it days,
ahead so I can write out all the prose,

and not have to wake up and make a post,
the morning of the date it needs to go.

Since I seem to prefer to write the most
in bigger bursts instead of writing slow,

I’m blessed with the ability to make,
an automated post and take a break.

I made two flubbed versions of this sonnet.. one during the first writing, I realized I used the wrong rhyming scheme, and then in my correction, I used yet another wrong rhyming scheme. There are actually 3 versions of this same sonnet with somewhat different wording, but I’m pleased this one worked out the best overall.

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