“Weekly Double Crosser” Puzzle Concept

This is a crossword puzzle concept I came up with sometime around 2003, but never really tried aggressively publishing any, until now. I’m putting it out there to see whether anyone might like this concept to become a legit weekly puzzle here, and to gauge whether they think it might be too difficult or too easy, or just right.

The rules are simple: Either draw two of this shape —

..or print out a copy of this design (pdf, two figures on one page), and fill out the blanks as you normally would any standard crossword puzzle — except with the twist, that there are two clues for each down number and across number, because on which puzzle they belong is not specified.

The first 1-down could go on the left side, and the other 1-down naturally on the right, but first 2-down could go on the right; you never know which one it goes on until you get others to fit.


~~~ ACROSS ~~~
~~~ DOWN ~~~
1. Not night 1. Not basey
1. Garfunkel 1. Struggles to keep
4. vehicle 2. Between ! and #
4. OJ judge 2. Sun deity
5. netflix offerings 3. foutain of
5. gooey slick 3. draw on thin overlay
7. Top Scout rank 5. Sun’s name
7. Cyrus’ breaky subject 5. lyr.”Sending out an”
10. call __ duty 6. Diamond Phillips
10. lyr.”it’s magic” 6. Common sweetener init.
11. popular -dictionary,init. 8. online chortle
11. surgery area 8. decay
12. bobsledder cousin 9. Before
12. dagger-eye feels 9. Boston __ Party
14. coffee drink 13. US civil war victor
14. coney snack 13. competed for speed
15. aural orifice 14. Hagman
15. black goop 14. unshaven jaw
17. farm allergen 16. Australia domain ext
17. doesn’t work 16. liquor quitter meetup
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