Master List of “Pirate Kings” Game App Strategies: Not Losing Coins, Etc.

I’ve only been playing the app-game “Pirate Kings” for about a month now, and I’ve already noticed several patterns that make these seemingly completely-random game not exactly random, and have developed a few strategies that could help solve your pain of losing everything when you’re saving for something big:

If you’re interested in trying this game (which I would characterize mainly as a kids game but loosely a mix between a slot machine and resource management, with very kid-silly kinds of graphics, but seemingly fairly advanced CG motion), check it out their official site here.

1. Your spins automatically regenerate 5 per hour, on the hour. My best advice is to only play once every several hours or so, and no fewer that 10 hours between the most recent play (if you’ve exhausted all spins) in order to maximize your free spins per day.

2. The best way to not lose all of your coins from steals, is to only use up your spins until you can buy the next thing. If you spend all of your spins and rack up 2 million coins but can’t use them, not only have you just put a 2 million coin prize for someone else to grab, but you’ve wasted all of those spins you used to get there. If you still have 20 spins left (a) you’re probably not going to get enough coins to buy that huge prize, and (b) saving those spins will make it a lot shorter wait until it gets closer to the 50 maximum so you can try to get enough for the huge prize.

3. Everyone steals and you will always lose all of the coins you have unspent. This is a fact that you will simply have to believe, and once you play with this belief, anything you have left when you return again will just be lucky for you. It’s not bad luck that you were stolen from — being stolen from is part of the game. The luck is having *anything* when you come back.

4. Always steal, even if they are from your best friend or granny or whoever. That’s how the game is played. Your granny can steal it back if they know how to play. Being nice by trying to pick an island from the steal screen you know isn’t granny or whatever, only steals from someone else’s granny. If you’re not comfortable with stealing, then you’re not comfortable with winning.

5. Make sure all of your smaller “island map” prizes are bought also. If you look at the “island map” of islands you have previously filled up, you can hire computer pirates to dig on and produce small amounts of coins automatically that you can randomly collect later at your convenience. It costs each time to buy a miner pirate for those islands, and those costs are usually a bit smaller cost. Buying the miner-pirate for your previous full islands will help keep your total unspent money low so fewer people will try to steal it.

If you have any more suggestions for this list, please send them to, and I’ll add them to the list =)

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