Lots of Strange Facebook Friend Requests With Rasimlar.CN Profile Pics

In the last few summer months of 2015 I have been getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook from people who show their home city to be my city, but have no other friends in common with me. One thing I have noticed in common among them is that many have a profile pic (usually needs to be viewed full screen) that has “RASIMLAR.CN” down in the bottom corner or bottom center, which looks like it might be Chinese dating site or similar to instagram.

I had initially begun accepting them without looking, because I am an admin for a large Korean Pop fan club (~20,000 members) on Facebook and many of the members like to friend me despite a pretty significant language barrier, and I don’t mind. However, after accepting a few of them, I started getting a lot of messages from real-life friends asking if I knew someone who showed me to be a mutual friend. It turned out a lot of them had profile pics with this particular website watermark or tag in the bottom right corner. After reporting most of them for possible fraudulent accounts, few of them seem to even exist anymore.

It looks to me like whoever runs Rasimlar.CN is engaging in some kind of social engineering trick to advertise their site or some other mysterious purpose (which I am perhaps playing into their ploy to further identify), perhaps with origins in China since “CN” is the Chinese domain extension similar to how “.co.uk” addresses are generally for British sites. I don’t find any articles that pop up about it yet, so I figured I’d just throw this out there to see if anyone else was getting them or if it was just me.

Are you getting these, and what region of the world are you from? I’m from northern Texas in the US.

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