Who are “Jared And Savannah” ? (Detailed answer!)

An unrelated Facebook page I Like, JustGirlyThings, mentioned randomly today about desiring a relationship like Jared and Savannah, and several commenters had no idea who they were, including me. I did a little hunting, and it appears Jared Yarnall and Savannah Montano are just two people in a highly photographed and public relationship, unconnected to any TV shows or films, just regular people, possibly still in high school. There is one Facebook group, Jared and Savannah that has 255,000 Likes (as of this moment), for instance.

The gent is fairly handsome, and the gal is rather cute, but that (and their dozens of pictures showing them kissing) seem to be the only particularly fame-attracting features of the two. There is an official YouTube channel, youtube.com/1savannah3 with around 98,000 subscribers. One source suggests they became “tumblr famous” simply from posting photos and videos about themselves, and people liked them enough to make them viral simply from sharing and reblogging their otherwise ordinary posts. Savannah’s twitter, @savmontano, suggests they are from south Florida in the US, and have an official tumblr and instagram also.

Some report that their relationship has been somewhat chaotic, with a handful of breakups, stirring jealousy by kissing mutual friends, and getting back together.

If you have any more information about the two, such as official tumblrs or really popular sites about them, please link below in the comments..

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