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Monday Miners: EMOJTANRI

Each Monday, give yourself one solid minute to try to come up with the longest word you can find by rearranging the letters below, and see if you can best the panel from the British comedy words-and-numbers show, 8 out … Continue reading

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Masterlist of Food Puns.. Ain’t Got Thyme, Do Me a Fava, etc

Here’s a list of puns that involve food. Ain’t nobody got thyme pho dat! I clove you. Whoa, I just did adobo-take. Sure is chili in here. This list is peppered with groaners! I have puns, and annato fraid to … Continue reading

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Masterlist of Examples Pronouncing “Oh” Versus Zero

A friend whose first language isn’t English, recently asked why some people say “oh” instead of zero, when speaking a certain numbers, and I decided to make a list of the circumstances of this nature. This is a list of … Continue reading

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Tom Swifty Tuesday: May 2018 Week 1

“I weep for your chickens out in this cold,” Tom cried foul. Come up with a better Tom Swifty joke than this, and your tweet will get featured on this post and added to the Masterlist of Tom Swifty Jokes … Continue reading

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