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Masterlist of Name-Specific Sign-offs @ Dear Hank & John

On the podcast Dear Hank & John, listeners write in to have questions answered with dubious advice, people had been making clever signoffs in lieu of a simple “Sincerely,” and one listener named Bree signed off with not being able … Continue reading

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Did the Dictionary Redefine Assault Rifle? NO. Here’s Why

Making the rounds lately is the prospect that Merriam-Webster has “changed” the entry for “assault rifle” in context with the Parkland shooting, or in response to a politically-motivated push to alter how we use words. However, this possibly very misleading. … Continue reading

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Tom Swifty Tuesday: April 2018 Week 1

“I pronounce UPS as oops,” Tom handled carefully. Come up with a better Tom Swifty joke than this, and your tweet will get featured on this post and added to the Masterlist of Tom Swifty Jokes with credit for submitting … Continue reading

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Monday Miners: EOIADNNZT

Each Monday, give yourself one solid minute to try to come up with the longest word you can find by rearranging the letters below, and see if you can best the panel from the British comedy words-and-numbers show, 8 out … Continue reading

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