Welcome, Visitors from “No Strangers To News”

I recently started a page called “No Strangers To News” on Facebook, designed to crank out rickrolls to unsuspecting netizens. It’s not a business, not an ad-tracking-whatever.. it’s just a nonsensical hobby, with a simple HTML meta-referrer tag, a generic image used in parody, and a clickbaity headline designed to elicit maximum b*tchface.

You likely never actually clicked a link to get to this article unless a watchdog/debunker site lead you here, or you just edited the URL to the root and ended up here.

Insider tip: Look carefully at the Facebook page’s header, and you’ll see the words “No News Just Rick Rolls” snuck right in there, plain as day =)

If you have any complaints about this dumb little project, please fill out this (anonymous) complaint form.

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